It was dark in the alley, rain pouring with quick bursts of lightening. Lady Angel lie alone beneath a soaking wet blanket giving birth to a baby she did not want but now must have. 

Childbirth pains were agonizing and her screams somehow masked by the lightning and the thunder. 

Lady Angel was never to become pregnant, she was sterile and that suited her just fine.  There would be no more in this blood line, it needed to end.  The whole thing needed to end.  In the back of her mind she knew it would never end.  And she was right. 

Lady was a prostitute.  That’s how she got her fix.  That’s how she paid her rent.  She did it because she didn’t know what else to do with herself.  She felt safe.  She had a sense of who would attempt to hurt her and who just wanted a blow job.  She did not have a pimp.  They tried, but Lady was “special”.  She could hurt someone simply with her mind. So, she did it all on her own.  She actually did pretty well.  Well enough to live in a decent apartment and have some nice things around the house.  Of course, she stayed off the grid by using fake Identifications.  No one would find her that way. She pulled a job or two and from time to time would steal from her tricks.  

She kept her heroin addiction to a point of only 2x a day.  She knew any more than that would make it impossible to make a living.  And she spent almost all of her time on the street, in the bars etc.…

For all of that, for all of that trying to disappear, killing the blood line, knowing she would die miserable but perhaps would come back into a life of advantage vs. a life of adversity, they came to her.  They came and betrayed her. 

The birth pangs were becoming stronger, more powerful and again the thunder and lightning covered her screams. 

A voice came, “time to push Lady, push hard!” 

The memory filled her mind like a movie reel in a theatre.  

It had been a bust of a night.  No tricks to pull in this bar and she was beginning to get more buzzed than she liked. 

The way too cheerful bartender set a drink in front of her and told her it was compliments of the man sitting in the back.

Ah! Finally, a trick to turn! She thought. “about fucking time.”  She took a sexy look back at her benefactor and immediately turned away.  He was very fine looking, but there was something wrong.  The hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up, following the rest of the hair on her body.  Chills ran through her spine.  She didn’t feel danger, like a predator, but more like something was wrong,   She couldn’t make sense of it, and that alone was enough to set her off.  

Feeling like she needed the drink, she swallowed it in 2 gulps, set it down and left the money on the bar.  “This drink I pay for myself, thank you” she said with a jeer in her voice.  

The bartender gave her that look like someone was behind her, but she already knew.  

Acting like she had no idea he was there, she grabbed her purse and tried to move without noticing him to no avail.  

He stopped her clean in her steps as his said, “Good evening Lady”.  She heard this in her Soul.

He knows my name she thought, what the hell is going on.  

She turned to look into his eyes, hoping for some clarity and that was the last thing she remembered until the next morning. 

“Bear down” the voice called to her, “harder Lady, harder!” Lady obeyed and hunched into a ball grabbing both of her legs pushing as hard as she could.  She felt a flood of fluid rushing out. 

The memory continued. 

She awoke to the sunlight peeking through her window, just like any other morning. She stretched herself a bit and it all came flooding back.  

The man knew my name, he knew my name, and that was all she could remember. Terror struck, as it occurred to her in a wash of her Soul that, she was pregnant.  The one thing she feared most would be. 

“HARDER! HAAARRRDDDERRRR!” the voice yelled at her and all at once the baby came rushing out of her body landing on the cold concrete.  Instinctually, Lady sat up and grabbed the baby, putting it close to her bare chest. 

“it’s a girl, Lady said out loud with little enthusiasm.  That would make it harder for the child. 

But love fell immediately upon her.  She felt herself glowing, changing, not like she used to but almost.  the rain stopped and her body and blanket were dry and warm for the new baby. 

 “Madeline, is your name, baby girl.” The baby began to suckle and a new life began for Lady and baby Madeline. 


Lady had no idea how to take care of a baby and work.  She kicked Heroine when she found out she was pregnant. Somehow, money continued to land in an envelope, her rent would be paid by a mysterious stranger, groceries, diapers, baby clothes would be at her front door.  But Lady knew it would stop one day soon because in this life it was not meant for her or her child to live without adversity.  She feared that day.  It would be the one where the needle and spoon would return.  Where she would have to move into a shack in a neighborhood full of perps and bad people.  That day came too soon in. 

The money dried up by the time Madeline was 6 months old. The excuses ran out and she was evicted landing in a shelter and then into a shack in a neighborhood full of perps and bad people as predicted.  But Lady sensed the good people as well.  While she had lost her sense of LA’Aefra and Ko’otena, she continued to use what little power she had left to gauge people.  

Her powers fell apart when she began to have a relationship with a man who fed her heroin and promised a cinderella story life for her and her baby.  She did not see the Efanthican in him.  It didn’t matter to her at all.  She was becoming to strung out, leaving her 2-year-old Madeline alone for hours at a neighbor’s house while she turned tricks.  She needed help.  He was it. Detrick Ethan.  He was not a big man in stature but tough in nature.  He worked at a factory as a foreman, making enough money to live in the lower end of the Suburb world.  It was nice, quiet and Madeline would not be left alone again. 

At first, he was Prince Charming, setting her up with her fixes, taking her out to elaborate dinners, bringing her flowers promising a better life. She took it. 

Madeline had an instant aversion to him, even at 2 years old, she would cry and scream and writhe as if she as in pain when he held her. 

That was when Lady began to see.  This was it.  This was the path to her death and the horrific life Madeline would have to endure.  

The berating came first.  He forbade her to work but made sure to remind her she was too stupid to do anything but turn tricks.  

Then the beatings came.  Any time she said or did something she thought was good he would berate then beat her making sure she understood how stupid and helpless she really was.  “you can always go back to your shack and leave your little bitch alone while you fuck strangers for money.” He would say.  

She was trapped in a short time.  

He never touched the child, but he looked at her.  Lady would see those looks and knew his thoughts. She knew he wanted the child.  He had no need for Lady, really.  He was more interested in children.  He was a pedophile.  She would have to try harder to stay alive, to find a way to stop shooting up.  It wasn’t that she wanted to at this point.  She didn’t.  She wanted to kick.  That was a beating she won’t forget.  She was to get her fix in the morning and as he came home by him and him alone.  There was no saying no.  

During the day she spent countless hours looking for ways to escape, but she couldn’t even get back to the streets to find Barney, to get him to change her name and provide a fake birth certificate for Maddy.  Any time she left the house, the asshole across the street would report it to Derick and the beatings would come. 

Then the day came.  Lady knew it.  This would be her last fix.  She seen what he cooked on the spoon was way different than anything else she would mess with herself. It was meant to kill her and Madeline was meant to watch.  

In this moment Lady called on LA’Aefra.  In her mind she screamed it.  She called any and all Chout-Saka she had ever known.  Not for her sake, but for Madeline’s sake.  Lady knew it would make little to no difference as she chose to walk away, but Madeline needed protection.  She needed to be what she was meant to be, she needed to be taught the ways of LA’Aefra. 

Before he tied her arm, Lady quickly scooped up Madeline.  She held her hard and whispered in her ear. 

With violence he snagged the child out of her mother’s arms sending her flying across the room.  He tied Lady’s arm and without hesitation, injected her with his poison.  Madeline watched as her mother began to spasm, cough, falling to the floor she seized for a good minute and was dead.  While Maddie cried from the corner of the room



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