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So, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged so I thought I’d catch up on a few things.

My manuscript is being edited professionally right now. We are on edit 4. Next step is to get the book and make final edits then find an art cover artist. My editor says it has potential. It’s not my best work, but it’s a beginning. It’s a start, In the meantime, I found the beginnings of another work that I like much better. My writing is fluid and the story line is exciting. I just don’t have the middle and end in mind yet. Anyways, it’s exciting to me.

During the last few days we made a trip to Arizona (before the lockdown) to surprise my kids. My oldest, Daniel and his wife, Tara live in the Phoenix area along with my two grand babies. The youngest turning one on the 18th, My son’s mother-in-law thought it would be cool to surprise them for babies birthday. And so we did. Now these are the vegetarians so I was feeling confident I would keep my diet. The first stop Dalila (mother-in-law) went straight for French fries. And by the time we got there we ordered Chinese take out for dinner. The next night, Pizza. Hmmf. So much for sticking to a strict diet. I blew it all the way. AND THEN I FELL DOWN AGAIN!!! I’m like Hank Azaria in “The Bird Cage.” “I don’t wear shoes because they make me fall down!” Went flying over the baby gate straight on my knees on a tile floor. Much like the fall I took at the gym, I tried to land on my shoulder so at least I looked graceful. Embarrassed and in pain, but my fall was graceful. Wondering if I’m ever going to stop falling? I’m thinking that if I can ever get off this medication, I’ll stop falling. In the meantime I’m going out for knee and elbow pads. You think I’m joking. I am but still. So the kids were surprised and we all had a great time.

Everything started going on lock down just as we were leaving. We were kind of worried that we wouldn’t be able to leave, but it was no problem. But stopping at all the truck stops was, I could feel the virus on everything I touched, my hands are cleanest in town. Grody,

I did real good through the trip too. The meds are doing the trick. I was not anxious at all. Even slept a bit. Unheard of. Truly. So below is babies first birthday cake.

Its a short video but both gtandbabies are in it. Love them so much.

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