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A Dogs Day

Today has been an odd day. I asked Todd if he wanted to walk with me and Sami this morning and he agreed! That was awesome! But he decided to take Maggie with us (our other dog) and Maggie and Sami walking together is bad news. And so it was rough with other dogs being walked, Sami and Maggie worried about the other being ahead or behind, Maggie is not good on a leash, she never has been. We get 3/4 of the way there and Todd misstepped and Maggie pulled at the same time and down he went. Right as a car was trying to drive by and a dog in the yard next to us, he falls on his bad shoulder.

Needless to say, I think Todd will probably not take that walk with me again. It is a harrowing experience in any case as Sami wants to eat every other dog out walking, or running loose and then he has to get his sniffs in. I have 3 places I let him sniff along the way and he knows where they are but sometimes he pulls for a sniff. He is pretty hard to handle. Strong and stubborn.

By the way, Todd survived his fall with a very sore shoulder a scraped up knee and a bit of back pain. My poor baby.

So NOOM told me to treat myself and I did. I ate some of Abbie’s deviled eggs which were delicious but calorie consuming. I’m going to go over my calories allowance today. I don’t like that. But NOOM said treat yourself so I did. I didn’t eat a vat of ice cream or half a pie (which I feel like eating right now). I ate a few deviled eggs. Oh well. It is what it is I really could eat half a pie though, Yummy. Next splurge.

I am in the grieving stage of “the betrayal”. I feel like I’ve lost so much, how is it possible to lose even more? I’m still pissed as hell but more heart broken that angry. I guess I’m angry that my heart got hurt again, And I guess that’s normal. I”m just tired of getting hit in the gut by the same person and the last person who I should be getting hit by. I know I’m being elusive. Sorry, that’s the way it’s gotta be,

In any case I’m surviving. Moment by moment.

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