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Todd will be out of town for a few days and that leaves me feeling vulnerable. I already started online shopping and had to stop myself. So I called him and told on myself. He has all the credit cards anyways, I do have my Ulta card, but that’s for haircuts and such although they keep my brand of make up which I hardly wear there; In still browse and buy when I shouldn’t.

I haven’t exercised in 2 days now and I’ve had a coca cola and 2 small pieces of Tiramisu (my favorite) thanks to my mother in-law. I’m not beating myself up, I’m telling on myself. If I am to make my ideal weight by cruise day, I would be very happy.

I had a nightmare last night into early morning. It woke me up out of my drug induced coma and I had to slow my heart rate. I could not tell you what it was but it must have been very scary to wake me up like that,

Ok so I finished book 1 of my Madeline Angel series, I SAID I FINISHED MY FIRST BOOK OF MY MADELINE ANGEL SERIES. Now I’m beginning going through the 2nd, I’ve already written 7 but they all needed my time and energy, my good energy, They are just bones yet, But I did it, I got through it. I sweated over it and made some tough decisions regarding characters. I’m very proud of myself. I have no idea if it’s any good so I’m going to add chapters to this blog and let you be the judge. See if you get hooked or not.

I”m trying to figure out how you find a publisher and an agent, I could go on Scribophile too, Its a writing/critiquing web site for writers to put their shit out there, a few have landed deals. I’m not in it for the money (for the most part), its been a part of me since I could read and write, My older brother would help me edit when I was 6, Isn’t that cute? I love writing. Always have. And if I can make a living doing what I love then so be it. Anyways,,, first chapter is added, EEEEEEEEE

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