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All for Nothing

Ever have that day when everything is a mess and you just don’t care? I’m having that day today. My husband and I had some serious talking to do about the immediate financial future and then beyond which we did with no tears or anger amazingly. I did my exercises (grueling), took a shower (long over due) put my sweats and slippers on and said “fuck it”.

I’m learning to listen. Instead of getting all hyper about it, I’m starting to listen to the little voice inside my head that tells me to take it slow, let it go, be you, be still. Todd knows he is just a capable of doing the housework as I am, but he’s on a fuck it day too, and I don’t care. My slippers feel good!

Todd and I had a conversation not too far back about our marriage. It’s stale, we both agreed, but I told him he doesn’t chase me anymore. He doesn’t woo me or court me. So bless his heart he went and bought me a dozen roses from my favorite vendor. Aren’t they beautiful? Can you see the blue one? How does that happen? In any case it just goes to show that we don’t have to earn each others love by doing chores and cooking and cleaning. I can be a messy house keeper and still get these beautiful roses.


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