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The days are becoming stranger and stranger. Quiet. But I’m in my zone. No leaving your home unless you have to. Thats me anyways. But this whole toilet paper thing has me weirded out. I mean, why toilet paper and not pasta or something? And now eggs. I’m not sure what the world is becoming right now. But I have my back yard and my fire feature and cigarettes. I’m good. My family is healthy so far, thank the gods above.

It’s got me thinking though. I’m paranoid by the way. What if this doesn’t stop, what if the virus continues to mutate? I’m an at risk person. I get chronic bronchitis. I don’t want to be on a ventilator. So home I stay as usual and having my family wash their hands a thousand times. It’ll be ok. This whole thing will blow over in no time flat, Right? Please agree with me.

My book has had it’s final edit and going off for printing, OMG. I don’t have a publisher or anything but I am doing this e-pub style. I’m excited but I know it’s not my best work. The next volume will be better. Just need my writing chops back. I have them, just need to find them. I need my voice to come through.

In any case I’m sure it will turn up for 99c on Kindle at some point.

I’m getting used to using social media. I have to say that Instagram is a bit of a meat market. But Twitter has been an awesome experience so far especially in the writing groups. I hardly know FaceBook anymore. Not sure how to use that as a medium. But i’ll figure it out, Besides it’s nice to get back in touch with people I haven’t seen in a long time.

I”m weird today.

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