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Beauty and the Beast

I have finally created a tab for my book “snippets”. If anyone is interested in reading then check it out AND LEAVE FREAKING COMMENTS, I want to know what people think of my work even and especially critiques. All comments welcome as long as they are polite and thoughtful.

Eventually I would like to be published, either on line or with a publishing company in hard cover. That would be bad ass!

Ok, so enough of that, Like an idiot (not supposed to say that to myself) I went into my closet to try clothes on again and it was a total fail. Clothes still don’t fit and I wanted to cry. So now i’m supposed to do something,,,Oh yeah, I’m not an idiot, I just wanted to look good without sweats on. Let me tell you I jumped right back into my sweats. I left my bra on though and it is literally killing my shoulders right now, I need to take that mother off and put a sports bra back on.

Ok, so bad move on my part. Especially when Todd is not here to pick up the pieces. I’m feeling pretty bad about myself right now and I shouldn’t. I’ve probably done more for my health in the last few months than I have all my life. I”m eating right, I’m taking my supplements and i’m putting in the work. In fact today was kick ass aerobics at the gym and I did pretty good. I’m getting stronger, not thinner, but stronger. I’m gonna guess the thinner will come shortly. Sooner than later. I mean who hates yoga pants, but come on, every day?

I did that well I think. I still feel bad about myself but it’s more impatience than anything else.

So don’t forget to check out my chapter under the “chapter” tab and leave comments please!

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