Funny story. I drop off my daughter at 7am for choir each Tuesday and Thursday. It’s an early morning for me. I’m up at 6 am and still have sleeping medicine working through my blood. I call it cartoon hour. I drink a cup of coffee as fast as I can to get rid of the cartoons. This morning I was very tired. I got her to school and went to the gym since I have a class that starts at 8 am. I usually wait in my car for the 45 minutes before class. I listen to Master Class, I have very few opportunities to watch it. I noticed my eyes were having a hard time staying open despite my super charged coffee. I fought to keep them open knowing that once I walk into the gym I would be fine.

Now when I listen to Master Class I leave the car running for sound as it’s blue-toothed to my phone, So here I am at 7;15 am fighting to stay awake. I lost that battle and I fell asleep with the car running and didn’t wake up until 8;30. A half hour after class started.

So there you have it, I guess I’m tired. I should mind this warning and give myself a do nothing day. But I wont. I’ll be doing dishes shortly, sweeping floors, making beds and what not. Will I exercise today? Yes, I wonder when my body will give out on me?

I think I’m being driven by my need to forget the inevitable conversation I need to have with my mother. It’s a black cloud following me everywhere and nothing soothes it. I also want badly to lose weight. The feedback I’m getting is good. Even though…

So anyways I leave you with the thought of my asleep against my steering wheel in the parking lot of the gym.



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