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Catching Up

Hey All! I’ve got a lot on my mind right now so forgive me if I skip around a bit. I probably won’t, but just in case.

I’ve had a pain in the right side of my chest now for months and I haven’t wanted to get it checked out for obvious reasons. I was worried it was another blood clot So I finally went to the Doctor facing down a plane trip (we’re vacationing for a week in Florida) to make sure. I had my CT scan today and the tech said it looked pretty good, so nothing obvious. YES. One thing off my mind. Now I just need to follow my Doctors orders and start taking the antacids he prescribed. HIs initial diagnosis was that I was getting some reverb from acid reflux. Hope he’s right. This pain is annoying. So that’s done.

Next, I’ve been without top chewing teeth for over a month now and drinking my diet waiting to get a full top denture. My teeth aren’t doing so well, I get the rest of my top teeth extracted tomorrow and get my denture put in right away. I’ll have teeth again!

Now for the flying part. I do not do well on planes. I mean I really do not do well. Last time I took a flight I had a drink first and I was ok, It was only a short flight though. So Todd had me call my Psychiatrist to see if she would prescribe me Ativan or a Martini. I was voting for the Martini. Instead I’m just going to take an extra Lorazapam. I’m not sure that is going to work, but they will have alcohol on board so if it gets bad, I’ll go for a gin straight up. But we also have connecting flights so I have to be lucid. I’ll have to be careful no matter what I do, Hopefully the valium will work.

I hate being crazy.

But I’m grateful that I have great Doctors.

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