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Coming Out

Let me just start out by saying is that I hate the word “lucky”. I think it’s a misnomer. It suggests that no work was attached to it. Even people who win the lottery have probably dumped time and money into it for a while.

What I want to say is that I’m blessed. My husband and I have worked extraordinarily hard to stay together and we still work hard. But I’m blessed to have him for so many reasons. He listens, he learns, he takes care of me. He minds my medication which I would have quit before it started working. He appreciates me even when I do nothing. And he appreciates all the hard work I’m doing to stay sane. He reads my blog because I’m not a good communicator and sometimes he learns more about me in my blog than in real life.

On another note it’s my birthday weekend! I get my tattoo colored in finally and I get my white pony on my shoulder (deftones album logo). Tomorrow it’s a spa day with my oldest daughter and Sunday I get a Skype with all my kids. It will be a fun filled weekend. So this is all good stuff which means I’m climbing out of my lethargy, my deep depression and moving out. I’m thinking good thoughts of moving to Florida, buying a travel trailer and traveling the country, I’m thinking about how blessed I am to have Todd as my husband and partner. Yep, it’s going away. Now off the clean the house.

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