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Off the Roller Coaster For Now.

Go figure, today I feel pretty ok. I’ve got editing going on my book for a fair price. I did kick ass aerobics today. I did nothing yesterday because I took a fall off my deck and needed a day to make sure I didn’t brake my ass. My ass does hurt but nothing a little Tylenol won’t fix. But alas yesterday was a bad day. I don’t want to revisit it. Nothing bad happened besides my fall, it was just one of those days.

Today things are good. I’m uplifted, sore from my work out, I’ve eaten well today, I’ve had time with my husband while he cooked his croissant sandwich. He works from home now which is a Godsend. I don’t know what I would do with my self otherwise. Except for write. I keep thinking about going back to school but that won’t really leave me much time to write. I should go back to school anyways. I need my bachelors degree is Psychology so I can figure myself out. Thought about going as far as getting a Masters degree. Tough stuff. I know I’m disabled and I ride this roller coaster everyday but I can still try to make my dreams come true. I can do this. There was a time I could only imagine going back to school. I only have a 7th grade education. I had to quit school because I was homeless. I did go to 8th grade for a minute and got expelled for fighting. I was hell on wheels in those days, I was an angry child and with every right, My life sucked. But today, my life does not suck. I have all that I need to make things good. I realize that beyond that there are things I cannot control and there will be bad moments, days, weeks. But I’m learning to get better little by little. One good thought at a time.

So there you go. Annie is back today. Lets stay off the roller coaster.

Got her all colored in. My big bad bitch.

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