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Phenomenal Swan Dive

Life is so funny, at least I prefer to think of it that way. It’s my survival. If you don’t have a sense of humor then you are wasting life.

So today things were going ok. I dropped off my daughter at 7am for choir and then I had an early class at the gym. Restorative Pilates. I realized that I was very unprepared, Hadn’t even brushed my hair, no hair tie and I was wearing the wrong shoes,

“Oh well”, I thought, “I’m going anyways, all be damned”. And I did, Class was hard but good, I learned I was not the only farter in class. A few of the ladies let a few go. That was nice to know. Although I was one of them.

Normal day. Finish class and I’m feeling a little dizzy. I started taking a fat buster pill which is basically Tumeric on octane. I get over my dizziness and begin my descent down the stairs. I always use my towel to hold the railing, don’t want to get sick. A lady at the bottom was in my path so I changed paths and I missed the last stair, Yep, Right in the middle of the main lobby I do a swan dive off the bottom stair on my left knee and elbow (years of stealing bases, and being knocked down taught me how to land), just sliding. I sit there for a moment and listen to all the “awws” and “oohs”. Luckily a trainer and the floor manager were right there, I laid for a moment to make sure I didn’t break anything, the both have to lift me up to put me in the chair to rest and see what hurts, The whole time I’m smiling with embarrassment but I refuse to be that person who is sickened by that type of thing, You have to laugh at yourself, or your just a dud,

So we sat, he took my information. As far as I can tell my left knee is tweaked and that’s it, I feel it on the inside of my knee,

God, I love me.

w/hat is normal anyways?

Makes me think harder about how we get through strife and anguish, I was proud of myself that I was able to take it all in stride.

Then I went back home and took my medicine so I didn’t have a psychotic episode,

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