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The world we lived in is different than the one we lived in yesterday, literally. There is a justified uprising of civil unrest. Black and Brown people all over the world are coming together to show us that they are not and never should have been 2nd class citizens. Movies are being made to show it for those of us who did not have to live through the worst of it. AHHH but there is more! LGBTQ is loud and proud as well,


And yet horrible discrimination continues to ensue. Not just physically but in the every day. I’m white, but I grew up in Richmond and knew it first hand. Not just that I was the minority, but that the black kids were being scooted out of the eateries and the 7/11’s while I had no trouble. These were good kids probably goofing off too much, but that’s what kids do. Black, Brown or White.

I wondered back then like I wonder now. How is it that we have not grown out of this yet as a world? Am I searching for Utopia? Maybe. But that’s the way it should be. No one should be 2nd class. As a woman on average I get paid less than a man in my same position? Why? This is ridiculous that we even have to discuss this in this day and age. But we are. We are doing more than that. We are taking to the streets with signs each saying hooray for our side.

Let's do this, Let's do kind acts for each other. Humans I mean all over, Just pick one at random and do a kind act. Spread the love. Heal. Is that possible to heal?? It does not feel like it right now. I see a lot of my brothers and sisters out there saying we are one race. Why can’t we leave it to that. And not be afraid of each other anymore. We all bleed the same fucking blood, we all have the same internal body systems, we are the same species YOU DUMB ASSES!!!!

*Deep breath* Ok, I think i’ve vented enough for now, but look for me and my family in the streets.

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