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The Days a Little Brighter

I sent my manuscript out for polishing. I’m hoping the guy who does it (for free) is a literary agent. I really could use some useful feedback on that. I’ve sweat blood over it and I need to know if I have anymore blood to sweat. In the meantime I’m dragging my feet getting to volume 2. It needs so much work I can hardly stand it let along 3-7. This is the hard part about writing. The labor intensive part. The one that keeps you up at night.

On other ground, I’m feeling better. Todd is home and my nerves have settled a bit since my last session with Dr. Lachman. I’m putting my mind to better things (all of which cost money) like getting ready for my cruise in May and my trip to Florida in June. I have lots of exciting stuff coming up. Scary to hear that my ship is in quarantine right now due to a “medical emergency” no details beyond that. But I’m sure it will be all clean and spiffy by the time we get there. I’m so excited and I love my BFF Mary for getting me to go even though it’s costing me a fortune. Well worth every penny, I know this. We plan on taking the zip line excursion. OMG. Seriously? I’m doing that shit. If there is one thing I’ve learned about being locked in the house all day is to take full advantage otherwise. I need to live my life to the fullest within my capacity. I’m taking my hiking boots.

I have a poem

The light is darkest

In the deepest recesses of my being

It grows lighter and darker each passing of the moon

My eyes believing what they are seeing

My spirit will un-break soon.

My Sami tucking in Grampa for a nice nap.

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