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Woes of a Fat Person

Went to the Gym today or as I call it THE TORTURE CHAMBER.

I’m always excited thinking I’m going to get the fabulous work out but just like childbirth we forget the pain. Why do we do that? Is it just me? I go nearly each week day to do a class, like Aerobics or Yoga. I go to the ”low impact” classes. I’m surrounded by ladies in their seventies and older and I’m over there sweating like a pig, dying, wondering why in the hell did I do this to myself again. Mamba left, then Mamba right, keep your arms moving with the class which I cannot seem to coordinate. My legs will move but my arms flail. I just can’t seem to put the two together. I look like a total idiot compared the the eighty year old kicking ass next to me. Seriously putting me to shame.

And when it’s done, I thank the Gods for their kindness. It’s over, phew. I’m exhausted and sweaty. I don’t wear make up to the Gym because I think it’s silly. Gonna sweat it off anyways, all except the older ladies that I do Aerobics with. They look perfect, face still in tact. And I say again, I’m in the “light exercisers, seniors” class. I wonder what the advanced looks like.

I tried doing a low impact step class and left 10 minutes into it. My legs hurt so bad! I just turned and walked out.

I guess the point or the good moral of the story is that I’m getting out of the house, which is like pulling teeth and getting exercise. It’s good for mind and body. But today my body was pissed off and wanted a pedicure afterwards, so I took my body over to the nail shop and had my toes done. This is how I feel...

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